Tap Sprung Floor Kit – 120cm x 180cm


Transform any hard surface (timber, tiles, concrete, and more) into a safe, tap-friendly floor in less than five minutes. You can now experience studio-quality safety and performance in the comfort of your own home with our tap sprung floor kit.

Our industry-leading home sprung floor kits are composed of two high-performance layers:

Sprung subfloor – Featuring a huge 60% shock absorption, our FlexiPro Sprung Floor is one of the best sprung floor system on the market.
Tap Friendly Finish – This 2mm VersaPro vinyl is positioned over the sprung subfloor and is suitable for tap dancing and other dancing styles.

Size: 120cm x 180cm
Total Thickness: 23mm

Combine two or more kits to create a larger dancing area.


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Upgrade your at-home dance studio today !

60% Shock Absorption for Optimal safety

Safety is vital to any dance space.

Protect your joints and muscles with a home sprung floor that features innovative progressive foam strips that distribute your weight evenly, we are talking about 60% shock absorption here!

Lower your risk of injury and leap, roll, jump, and express your creativity without fear or discomfort.

Tap Friendly Surface

Our 2mm VersaPro vinyl is suitable for tap dancing as well as other dancing styles, including ballet, jazz, Irish and more.

The surface is tough enough to handle your tap shoes, while maintaining excellent acoustic sounds.

Stress-free installation

Installing your home sprung floor kit could not be easier. The modular design allows you to connect each panels together via using a simple bracket. A screw driver is all you need to finish this floor professionally.

Create a bespoke dance floor that perfectly fits within your bedroom, garage, or other at-home practice space.

Purchase additional kits for effortless expansion.