FlexiPro Sprung Floor

More movement. Less injury. Dance with confidence and creative expression without fearing dreaded shin splints, fatigue, and other common grievances.

Featuring a huge 60% shock absorption, our FlexiPro Sprung Floor is ideal for professional dance studios, performance stages, drama rooms, and even home use.

Our FlexiPro is trusted by hundreds of studios across Australia, so you can rest assured that it has been tested and approved by the professionals.



Panel Size: 1.2m x 0.6m ( Each Panel Cover Aprox. 0.72sqm )
Thickness: 21mm
Materials: Birch Plywood + Progressive Foam Strips

FlexiPro Sprung Floor Fire Test Report

FlexiPro Sprung Floor Brochure

FlexiPro Drawings

FlexiPro Installation


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Transform your studio, art centre, or home practice space with our FlexiPro Sprung Floor. Shop now.

Industry-leading safety

The features of our FlexiPro Sprung Floor don’t end with the 60% progressive and consistent shock absorption.

Engineered with injury prevention front-of-mind, our floor is tested to robust EN14904/Class A4 standards, making it a pioneer of sprung dance floors.

Protect yourself and your dancers from common and severe injuries, practice after practice, performance after performance.

Stunning finishes

You can choose from several stunning surfaces that cater to specific dance and activity styles to finish your FlexiPro Sprung Floor.

All of our leading quality traditional dance vinyl can be laid on top of the FlexiPro Sprung Floor.

If you prefer a wood-look solution, timber and engineered flooring are suitable, too.

Modular design for optimal flexibility

Our easy-to-install floors boast an intelligent modular design.

This modular design empowers you to create a safe, performance-enhancing floor that perfectly fits into your space.

Glue each panel in place for a permanent solution or use screws that empower you to disassemble, rearrange, or move your sprung floor in the future.