StudioPro Dance Vinyl

This professional-grade, hard-wearing, multi-purpose flooring solution provides industry-leading comfort and perfect traction for dance studios, drama rooms, and art centres. Suitable for dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and more.

StudioPro gives artists full control over their movements, so they can set their creativity free.


Length: 10m or 15m

Width: 1.8m

Thickness: 3.5mm

StudioPro Vinyl Fire Test Report

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Black, LIght Grey

Dancers and performance artists need a practice space that works as hard as they do. That’s where StudioPro Vinyl delivers.

Enhanced scuff-resistance

Committed to innovation, we have developed cutting-edge MPT (microporous polymers treatment) technology that significantly enhances StudioPro Vinyl’s scuff-resistance.

Instead of sinking into the floor, dirt and sweat are easily wiped clean.

For studio owners and instructors, that means less time cleaning the floor and more time doing what you love.

5-layer construction

Crafted from five layers of expertly engineered, comfortable, low-friction materials, this durable flooring supports creative expression in all of its diverse forms.

Tough and durable, your investment will stand up to years and years of hard use.

Unleash creativity

Creative expression is the heart of dance and performance art, but fear of injury can limit movement and stifle experimentation.

StudioPro Vinyl is specially engineered for the passionate mover, instilling confidence for unencumbered performance.

Equip your studio or performance space with an innovative, engineered flooring solution designed to support creative movement.