VersaPro Dance Vinyl

When you need versatility, VersaPro is the answer.

Each roll of this 2mm thick finish is reversible, giving you the option of creating a stylish dance floor in sleek Soothing Grey, classic Elegant Black, or both.

It’s an exceptionally long lasting, hard wearing, multipurpose layer with the ultimate scratch protection. VersaPro is perfect for Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance and more, and is specially engineered for Tap and Irish dancing — to make it one of the most multiple-purpose dance floor on the market.

Ideal for drama schools, theatres, and performance centres, our VersaPro floor has a sating matt finish for outstanding results when used with professional lighting.


Length: 10m or 15m

Width: 2m

Thickness: 2mm

Colour: BLACK & GREY Reversible

VersaPro Fire Report


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Black, LIght Grey

The most versatile dance floor that is suitable for ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and more.

Suitable for all dance styles

VersaPro will stand up to any type of dance or performing arts.

It’s the ideal surface for barefoot dancing and any activity where you have a lot of spinning and sliding, since this 2mm thick dance vinyl gives you the absolute best traction.

On the other hand, the long-lasting, hard-wearing layer is specially engineered to enhance durability, making it perfect for tap and Irish dancing.

Fibreglass Reinforcement

Whether installed permanently or used for touring performances, the built-in fibreglass mineral layer allows for a fast lay and retains dimensional stability to resist stretching and bubbling.

Tough and durable, your investment will stand up to years and years of hard use.