Vinyl Dance Floors


2mm Dance Vinyl Floor


VersaPro is truly a multi-purpose dance floor, perfect for both soft shoe and hard shoe dances. Whether you are hosting ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, or any other dance style, VersaPro is the ideal choice that suits them all.


  • Length: 10m or 15m
  • Width: 2m
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Colour: BLACK or GREY
  • Suitable for both hardshoe and softshoe dance styles
  • Installation: Can be either permanent or temporary using tape
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Ideal for both Soft-Shoe and Hard-Shoe Dance

The VersaPro stands out as one of the few options that can cater to the demands of both soft-shoe and hard-shoe dancing.

Its surface offers an excellent balance of grip and speed, accommodating a wide variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Moreover, it is durable and sturdy enough to withstand the impact of tap shoes and Irish dancing.

Truly, it is one of the most versatile and multi-purpose dance floors available in the market.

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Suitable for Permanent or Temporary Installations

The VersaPro offers a versatile installation method to accommodate your specific requirements. It can be permanently glued down for a fixed setup or easily laid down with tape, allowing for future removal and relocation.

Whether you are establishing a permanent dance studio, preparing for a touring competition, or renovating your performance stage, the VersaPro is designed to fulfill all your needs.

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Fiberglass Reinforcement Layers

All VersaPro vinyl products are built with heavy-duty fiberglass reinforcement layers, which are crucial for maintaining the shape and ensuring the longevity of your floor over an extended period.

Similar to the bones in the human body, these layers provide stability, minimizing expansion and contraction throughout the year while preserving the floor’s structural integrity.

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Tap sound is the soul of tap dancing. With a thickness of just 2mm and its solid construction, this dance floor ensures that your tap sounds won’t be muffled. It allows you to fully enjoy the vibrant experience of tap dancing.

Versapro Black

Over 50,000 sqm of Successful Projects Supplied and Still Counting

Transform your studio, art center, or home practice space with confidence. Our VersaPro has been tried and trusted by hundreds of dance studios across Australia, giving you peace of mind that you’re investing in a product that’s been tested and approved by the professionals.

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This dance flooring can be easily installed on a sprung floor, stage, or hardwood surface, whether temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently.

You can opt for professional installation by a floor layer or handyman, or take on the task yourself using just a long ruler and sharp Stanley knife, saving on costs in the process.

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