You can dance up a storm without taxing joints and ligaments on our FlexiPro Sprung Floor, we’re talking 60% shock absorption that is both progressive and consistent.


If you’re looking for a dance floor that offers superior shock absorption and helps protect performers from dance-related injuries, FlexiPro is the one for you.

This subfloor system is made with rubber strips in two thicknesses in the grooves on its back for outstanding results.

Flexi Pro is tested to EN14904/Class A4, which means that it pretty much sets the industry standard for sprung dance floors. Available in a variety of floor finishes, this is a great-looking, affordable floor that will last for decades.

Flexipro Series (vinyl)

Product Features

Superior Shock Absorption

60% shock absorption helps to reduce injuries and fatigue.


Long-lasting and resilient.


Suitable for theatres, stages, professional dance studios, or home studio installation.

Thickness: 21mm
Materials: Birch Plywood with Foam Strip
Fire Test: Yes
Shock Absorption: 60%
Suitable For: Dance Studios, Multi-Purpose Hall or exercise area
Floor Finish: Raw plywood. Dance Vinyl or Timber Floor can be laid on top

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