Deluxe 5 Pieces Inflatable Air Track Training Set


Leap to the next level with our 5 pieces Air Track training set, designed to help you reach the peak of your potential.

This training set gives you incredible life and bounce, so you can jump higher, land softer, and push yourself further with total confidence.

All gymnasts will love the Air Track, but especially those with intermediate skills who are ready to advance to the next level. Versatile and long-lasting, the Air Tracks innovative designs makes it a top choice for flips, tricks, yoga, cheerleading, and other fun-filled activities.

5 Pieces Training Set Includes:
  • 5m x 1m x 10cm Air Track
  • 5m x 40cm x 10cm Air Beam
  • 1m x 60cm x 10cm Air Board
  • 60cm Air Barrel
  • 65cm Air Spot
  • Free electric air pump

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Using the best materials, leading safety features, and thoughtful design, Upbounce Air Tracks are not only safe for jumping, tumbling, and tricking, but also give you peace of mind and fun that will last for years.

Multi-Layer Composite Core

The quality of our products starts with our exclusive multi-layer composite core.
Each Air Track is filled with thousands of composite fibres that join the upper and lower sections.
This high-tech solution guarantees a smooth, bouncy, and consistent lift-off and soft, stress-minimising landing.

The composite core is covered with high-quality, hard-wearing material, ensuring years of use.

Non-Toxic Materials

Safety is paramount.
To protect the health and wellbeing of children and our customers of all ages, we construct our products using non-toxic, odour-free, and environmentally-friendly materials.

We never use hazardous chemicals or other nasties in our manufacturing process. So, you can rest easy knowing your equipment enhances your take-off, softens your landing, and protects your health.

Easy to fill, empty, transport and store

Our Air Track products make your life easier.
Our equipment is lightweight and small when deflated, making it easy to store and a breeze to transport.
In addition, convenient carry handles enhance their usability.

Inflation takes just a few minutes, too, so you can start leaping, flipping, playing, and working on your gymnastics skills fast.