Dance Practice Vinyl – 180cm x 120cm


You can now experience studio-quality performance in the comfort of your own home with our StudioPro Plus dance practice mat. With excellent friction properties, this dance practice mat is ideal for nearly all dance types, including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, and more.

It is identical to our most popular StudioPro dance vinyl that has been installed in leading studios Australia-wide, so you can rest assured that it has been tested and approved by the professionals.

Transform any hard surface (timber, tiles, concrete, and more) into a comfortable, dance-friendly floor in less than 10 seconds.

Size: 1.8m by X 1.2m
Total Thickness: 3.5mm

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Optimal safety for unencumbered practice

Safety is vital to any dance space.

Crafted from five layers of expertly engineered, comfortable, low-friction materials, this durable flooring supports creative expression in all of its diverse forms: ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, performance art, and more.


Professional-Grade Performance

Spanning a huge 180cm x 120cm area, this elastic dancing mat is gentle on dancers’ feet and enables exceptional, studio-quality performance in the comfort of your own home.

Lower your risk of injury and leap, roll, jump, and express your creativity without fear or discomfort.

Stress-free installation

Simply unstrap and unroll for a dance exercise area that rivals your favourite studio or gym.

Create a bespoke dance floor that perfectly fits within your bedroom, garage, or other at-home practice space.

Purchase additional mats for effortless expansion.