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Choosing the Right Ballet Barres for Your Dance Studio

May 22, 2023

Ballet barres are an essential piece of equipment for any dance studio, regardless of the type of dance performed. They provide a platform for dancers to perform exercises that improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. When selecting ballet barres for your studio, there are two main options to consider: Portable and Wall/Floor-Mounted.


Benefits of Portable Ballet Barres

Flexibility: Portable barres can be easily moved around the studio as needed.

Assembly: Portable barres are easy to assemble and may be the only option if you’re not allowed to install fixtures in the studio.

Dual-side use: Portable barres can be used from both sides, making them ideal for large classes.

Adjustable height: Portable barres can be adjusted to accommodate tall and short dancers.


Benefits of Wall/Floor-Mounted Ballet Barres

Stability: Wall/Floor-Mounted barres are more stable when properly installed.

Permanent installation: Wall/Floor-Mounted barres are installed once and stay in place, providing convenience.

Aesthetics: Wall/Floor-Mounted barres create an elegant, professional look in a dedicated dance studio.


Other Considerations

Material: Choose between natural wood or aluminum for the barre, based on personal preference.

Wood type: Beech is the most common wood used for ballet barres, but oak and maple are also options.

Custom or ready-made: Measure your studio space to determine the length of the barre needed.

Installation: Consider height and whether to install the barre yourself or hire a contractor.

Brackets: Choose between fixed, adjustable, or double adjustable brackets.

Ultimately, the choice of ballet barres depends on the needs of your studio, such as the size of classes, the presence of adult and child dancers, and the availability of space.

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