Portable Home Dance Floor – 93cm x 93cm


Ideal for the budding ballerina’s bedroom, the experienced dancer’s garage, or the event co-ordinator’s hired venue, portable dance floors empower dancers of all ages to work on their form and flair when and wherever they choose.

Size Per Kit: 93cm x 93cm

Are you looking for something bigger? Our portable dance floor panels are interchangeable, meaning you can connect two or more kits to create a sprawling dance space.


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Bring your dance space to life with our durable, practical, long-lasting portable dance floors. Shop now.

Streamlined assembly

These dance floor tiles are locked into place using an intelligent modular design – you can connect multiple dance floor kits together to create a flooring solution that fits within your space.

Also, the dance panels are very lightweight so you can take your purpose-built practice space with you wherever you go.

Strength meets flexibility

Our portable dance floor tiles are constructed from expertly engineered strengthened plastic that can withstand more than 450 kgs.

This specialised material is not brittle – quite the opposite. It’s flexible enough to be kind on dancers’ joints.


Hard Wearing Finish

Finished with commercial-grade vinyl, our dance floor tiles stand up to years of hard use even with your most aggressive tap dancing style.

Caring for your dance floor takes little more than a sweep and occasional mop. Easy.