Multi-Purpose Large Exercise Mat – 200cm x 150cm


Are you looking for an exercise mat that is large enough for all your training needs, and thick enough to take the impact during workouts ? Then our Multi-Purpose Exercise mat is the right solution for you.

Spanning a huge 200cm by 150cm, this mat provides peace of mind for wide-body moments and stretches so you don’t need to worry about compromising form or intensity.
Legs hurt no more! This mat absorbs and cushions impact on the knees and ankles when doing high impact exercises but firm enough for balancing during yoga.
The non slip underside makes the mat sticks very well to the floor and won’t move even from intense exercises like skipping and jumping jacks.
*** Combine 2 or more mats to make a larger exercise area
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We offer 30 day risk free money back guarantee on our exercise mat. If you’re less than impressed, we’ll offer a full refund of your purchase

Anywhere, anytime exercise

Our large mats transform any flat surface into an exercise-ready floor—workout on your living room rug, concrete garage floor, or hardwood rumpus room.

Simply unstrap and unroll for an oversized exercise area that rivals your favourite gym or studio.

This mat is perfect for home cardio, HIIT, yoga, stretching, weight lifting and more!

Non slip & excellent cushioning

Enjoy superior shock absorption and non-slip grip!

You can feel a huge difference to your feet when doing high impact exercises rather than using a hard floor or standard mat.

You can use the mat both with shoes on and off. You can also confidently go heavy with lifting on this mat.

Whatever your workout routine, move with confidence knowing your mat can handle the abuse.

Eco-friendly materials

Quality comes first, and our mats are designed to deliver.

The premium high-density rubber is non-toxic, odour-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, silicone-free, and 100 per cent toxin-free.

Up your reps or chill in child’s pose. Either way, you can move – and rest – your body with confidence.